Sweet Dough Pie Festival Grand Coteau – October 25, 2014

Sweet Dough Pie is a Louisiana tradition! These small turnover style pies feature a variety of sweet fillings from peach to lemon, and even sweet potato. They are one our favorite treats here in Cajun Country, and we invite you to try them yourself at the 3rd Annual signSweet Dough Pie Festival!

The festival will take place on Saturday, October 25th at the St. Charles Catholic Church in Grand Coteau (about 30 minutes from our Louisiana bed and breakfast.) There will be live music, a sweet dough pie contest, guest speakers, art and food vendors, guided tours of St. Charles Church and cemetery, and more. A great way to enjoy the unique culture and history of Cajun Country!


Cajun Food Tour – Discover Delightful Cajun Cuisine in Lafayette!

Historically, Cajun cuisine was born out of shared ideas between South Louisiana cultures. When Acadians settled in Louisiana from Nova Scotia, they were forced to adapt to the new environment and foods available to them. They fused the spices and food preparation techniques from their Anglo-American, African American and American Indian neighbors.

Traditional Cajun cooking was stewed meats, gravies with rice, corn, gumbo and later seafood.

Some of our many good restaurants in the Lafayette area are Don’s Seafood & Steakhouse, Prejean’s and Randol’s, which also has a dance hall. These are also some of the oldest and most well-known Lafayette restaurants.

Randol’s Restaurant et Salle de Danse in Lafayette, LA – CC Image courtesy of johnwk on Flickr    

Today Lafayette’s dining market remains diverse, with dishes like crawfish, fettucini, etouffees and bisques. By integrating new ingredients and styles with older customs, such innovations have become part of the fine dining experience in Lafayette and the surrounding area.

Let us help you pick out some of these fine dining experiences during your visit to our Lafayette, Louisiana Bed and Breakfast!