Rayne, Louisiana – The Frog Captial of the World and the City of Murals

Bed and Breakfast in Louisiana
Monsieur Jacques

Guests at our bed and breakfast in Louisiana can enjoy exploring the quaint southern town of Rayne. Rayne is known as the Frog Capitol of the World and the City of Murals. Monsieur Jacques welcomes everyone to the community when you are coming into Rayne. He represents the Jacque Weil Company, who many years ago exported frog legs to restaurants allĀ over the world.

There are many murals throughout the community to enjoy, as you walk through the quaint streets. Such as this one by artist Robert Dafford, of the Old Depot Square where the frog legs were exported.

Rayne Bed and Breakfast

He also did this one of the frog in the downtown area.

Bed and Breakfast in Rayne

Other points of interest are Worthmore’s 5&10 Store, which is one of the few Five and Dime stores still operating.

Louisiana bed and breakfast

This is the new Depot Square located in the heart of the community and used for many a function for the locals.

bed and breakfast in Louisiana

St. Joseph’s Cemetery is listed in Ripley’s Believe it or Not as the only cemetery facing North & South.

Louisiana B&B

We invite you to come enjoy the charm of this small southern town while visiting our bed and breakfast in Louisiana!

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